Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Known in America widely for being a pretty ridiculous song, "Who Let the Dogs Out?" was actually quite famous in Korea for a while as well. Although Americans enjoyed it for its somewhat nonsensical lyrics and vaguely catchy tune, Koreans liked it for a different reason. Specifically, the song appealed to the younger generation. It turns out that the title/ commonly repeated lyric of the song "Who Let the Dogs Out?" sounds like words in the Korean language. In Hangeul (the Korean alphabet), the line would be written as such: "우울할 때 똥 싸."

The English phonetic equivalent of that text is "ooh-ool hal dae ddong ssa."

It translates to "When I feel gloomy, I poop."

Kind of different.


  1. That picture is amazing. I'm a little concerned about what you had to google to find it, though.

  2. Google actually failed me for finding pictures. What you're looking at here are JessBrown originals.

  3. That's .. not much more comforting, haha.

  4. What ridiculous song? You sang that song continuously

  5. Whow whow, who let the dogs out, whow whu who le